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Time to up the Power – How Does Protein Powder Help You Gain Muscle?

If you are into bodybuilding, it is important that you follow a diet that complements your hard work at the gym. You need a diet that will replenish muscle mass and keep you energetic throughout the day. The most important component of such a diet is protein. While you receive adequate levels of other nutrients from a regular diet, for protein you need supplements. The best protein powder for building muscle also rebuild lost tissue and strengthen your bones and cartilage after you have sweated it out in the gym.

There are many ways to nourish your body with protein but protein shakes are the most popular option. They are not very expensive, are easy to prepare and healthy when taken in the right amounts. They seem to be a one-stop solution to build your body. However, a lot of people get turned off when they see the image of a muscle-ripped body on the cover of many protein powder tins and packets. They feel that protein supplements transform the body in ways that are not appealing. This is a misconception and needs to be eliminated. It is time to educate yourself on the exact role protein powders play in adding muscle to your body.

Does protein powder help build muscle?

Let us be clear about this: Protein powders and shakes DO NOT build muscle. They will not make your muscles bulge out magically but they can have a positive effect on the muscles in your body. They can contribute to muscle growth when combined with a number of other factors. Protein is the building material itself not the builder.

After you have completed your resistance exercises, protein powder can help replenish lost muscle when combined with well-balanced diet. The best protein powder do not have any side-effects and also help satisfy your appetite whenever you feel hungry.

How does protein powder work with a diet? 

If you are looking to increase muscle, you need to first increase your protein intake. Protein helps in the development of muscles by composing cells and tissues. With protein, you receive almost all the necessary nutrients for building muscle.

The next stage in stimulating muscle growth is hitting the gym. You need to create and follow a cardio and weight training routine that is designed to help you lose weight. There are several such exercises available but you need to focus on exercises that involve progressive overload or gradually and steadily increasing the demands placed on your body by challenging it. This triggers the overall muscle-building process in your body and helps create “micro-tears” in your tissue. Protein helps in repairing these micro-tears and in the process builds your muscles and strengthens them.

What would be the best protein powder for building muscle? 

There are different types of protein powders you can choose from based on your requirements. However, you should take note of the powder’s primary protein source as this affects the overall amino-acid content. The primary source also affects taste, digestibility and other aspects.

Take a look at the list of ingredients in the protein powder and ensure that it doesn’t include unnecessary fillers. Also, check if the product is free of dairy, gluten, and soy in case you are allergic to these.

Choose a flavour you like and start your body-building process. With time, you will be able to see the difference the powder makes to your overall health.

Work out smartly with the right dietary supplements and you will get ripped muscles and a toned body in no time!

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